Executive Healthcare Management Program


The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing and constantly evolving industries in the world. The industry in Africa is also rapidly changing and has to face challenges such as resurgence of old diseases such as tuberculosis as well as an increase in chronic diseases caused by a growing aging
population. Healthcare providers must therefore be able to understand and evaluate new dynamics such as health managed organisations, rapid advancement in medical and information technology,increased competition and growing demands for greater transparency from patients.

The Executive Healthcare Management Program at Strathmore Business School provides a unique opportunity to healthcare professionals to develop and enhance specific skill sets and leadership qualities that are required to create high performing healthcare organisations.


Program Objectives

By the end of the program participants through an integrated learning experience will have broadened their leadership and management skills set and laid the foundations for strategic thinking.Concepts are in imparted in a hands-on practical manner that will enable the participants to effectively improve quality, increase productivity, manage organisational costs and empower them with a proactive outlook in responding to dynamic healthcare environment.

Participant  Mix

EHMP targets senior healthcare professionals who are primarily responsible for medical and financial performance of healthcare organizations. It is also suitable for those who lead in the healthcare support industry and non-governmental organisations who are involved in healthcare delivery.

Program Delivery

The EHMP consists of 20 courses which is grouped in 4 modules. The program delivery consists of dynamic and highly interactive teaching methods which include case studies, group discussions, simulations, presentations, and lectures. These methods will engage faculty and participants in an
interactive process of analysis and the acquisition of new knowledge. Participants will analyze real world business challenges to make real world business decisions. The use of real cases will elicit diverse viewpoints, promote active problem solving and assure relevance.

How to Apply

Download Application Form here.
Application forms can also be downloaded from www.sbs.ac.ke. Completed forms can be returned by
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Strathmore Business School, Madaraka Estate, Nairobi Kenya.