Strategic Management and Leadership Course

Course Outline

Strategic Management Course

Overall Objective

The general objective of the course is to enable middle level mangers to develop competencies that are relevant and applicable in their work environment as corporate managers.

Specific Objectives

At the end of the course the participants should be able to:

  • Identify management skills necessary for effectiveness in an organization;
  • Describe the concept of management;
  • Describe financial management and its application to individual and organizational success;
  • Identify and appreciate the dynamics of risk management and the fact that risk management encompasses more than just financial risk management;
  • Describe the HR function and how to recruit and retain staff;
  • Manage time effectively;
  • Solve problems with greater foresight and draw on their negotiation skills;
  • Improve on their presentation skills;
  • Describe mentoring and coaching and their relevance in various sectors;
  • Develop their negotiation skills.


The course is divided into the following four main units:

Unit 1: Introduction to Management and Management Concepts
Unit 2: Environmental Analysis and risk management
Unit 3: Management and People Skills
Unit 4: Finance management for non-finance people
Unit 5: Mentoring and coaching

Strategic Leadership Course

Overall Objective

The overall objective of this course is to develop competencies of senior and middle level managers in strategic leadership of health and development programmes.

Specific Objectives

By the end of the course, health and development managers will be able to:

  • Inspire a shared vision and facilitate change processes in their organizations and programmes
  • Conduct root cause analysis and develop a reality tree matrix
  • Facilitate systems thinking and action learning in their organizations and programmes
  • Apply leadership skills necessary for creating a learning organization
  • Apply STARGUIDE framework for strategic leadership in developing a shared vision, strategy and strategic objectives
  • Implement programmes with accountability.


The modules will include:

  • Application of STARGUIDE framework for strategic leadership 
  • Inspiring a shared vision,
  • Systems thinking
  • Action learning
  • Building effective teams;
  • Strategy design;
  • Nurturing change and accountability;
  • Analyzing root cause analysis and developing a reality tree matrix

Target Group

Senior and middle level managers in strategic leadership of health and development programmes.