Leading in Health Systems Strengthening Course (eHSS)

leading in health systems strengthening



A course to transform leading health professionals to provide responsive and quality services for sustainable development in Africa

Profesionalism combines leadership, management and governance – and is arguably the most complex but critical building block of any health system. It is about the role of the government in healthcare as well as its relation to other actors whose activities impact on healthcare. This course offers the opportunity to acquire up-to-date knowledge about health systems and the right skills set for evidence-based planning, management, and financing for quality improvement

By taking this course you will:

  • Gain understanding of the evolution of the health systems in africa, principles of service delivery and how these are best integrated in the management, coordination and governance structures to ensure quality service delivery and better outcomes.
  • Feel empowered and equipped to transform and strengthen healthcare service delivery within your field by applying the principles of a health planning process and use of appropriate tools.
  • Learn that good leadership practices are important to effect significant positive changes in healthcare and learn to become an effective manager through the understanding of teamwork and delegation.
  • Acquire essential knowledge, skills and appropriate attitudes as vital management tools for decision making and performance improvement in the health systems

Course Content

The Course is competence based, and the modules are organized in a logical and sequential order to facilitate the process of learning. Each student is required to take all the five modules for full Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points. However, certification on modular basis is available

Module 1: Foundations of Health Systems
Module 2: Planning for Health Service Delivery
Module 3: Leadership for Health Services Delivery
Module 4: Management of Health Service Delivery
Module 5: Monitoring and Evaluation of Health Service Delivery

 Course Information

Course duration

Six months


Assignments will be given at the end of each module. Sit-in exams will be held at the end of the course


You will be provided with access to Amref’s Learning Management System (LMS) for course information, learning modules, peer discussions and suggestions for further reading


There will be a mentor to support you via mobile phone and chat

Who can register?

County Health Managers, Medical Doctors, Nurses and Midwives, Clinical Officers, Public Health Officers, Nutritionists and Dieticians, Community Health Personnel, Program and Project Managers, health Facility Managers, Hospital Administrators in public and private sectors and any other health or health related managers in training & research institutions, professional associations and regulatory bodies and NGOs and CBOS

   Admission requirements

A minimum of a diploma or a first degree in health or health related fields and working or intending to work in health related sector


The Kenya School of Government (KSoG) will certify the graduands of the course 


January 2018, May 2018 and September2018



Rosalind Mumbi

Institute of Capacity Building, Amref Health Africa

Telephone: +254 728206960 / +254 20 6993213

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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