Enhance your data analysis skills

The aim of this course is to build the capacity of health and development professionals, researchers and scholars with practical skills on the appropriate application of statistical methods in data analysis.

Many health and development professionals, researchers, graduate and postgraduate students struggle with statistical data analysis, yet programmes, projects and their academic work always demand for these practical skills. This course is designed to break these barriers in using statistical approaches and enhance one’s knowledge and skills in statistical data analysis

This course will build and enhance your skills in data analysis enabling participants to learn effectively;

1. How to identify appropriate statistical techniques for data analysis
2. How to analyze data using Statistical Packages of Social Sciences (SPSS)
3. How to use data to make inferences and conclusions about real world phenomena

This course recognizes that many that would be participants cannot take a week off from work to study. The course is designed for only three (3) days, and the learners will make maximum use of their time and gain the required knowledge and skills.

This course focuses on practical skills based on real data and learners may bring their own data if they wish. The course will take the learners through;

1. The stages identification of data, description of variables, linking data variables to research objectives/questions
2. The stages of data analysis; descriptive statistics/univariate analysis
3. The learners will be taken through theory and practical use of bivariate analysis whereby various statistical tests applicable at bivariate level to answer various hypotheses will be covered in detail.

Why choose Amref Health Africa?

Amref Health Africa has over fifty years’ experience in training health and development workers across Africa. At the Directorate of Capacity Building, the organization has over 30 courses offered in various modes delivery from face to face, blended, eLearning to mLearning.

The course will be taught by an experienced facilitators lead by, Dr. Alice Lakati who has over 10 experiences in training statistical data analysis using SPSS in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Eriteria, and Nigeria.

Course outline

1. Introduction to data analysis using SPSS: Description of types of data, variables, use of SPSS Interface, data view, data entry, data cleaning, how to import external data into SPSS, how to re-code and data transformation.

2. Univariate analysis: descriptive analysis based on the type of data, appropriate use of frequency distributions, measures of central tendency and variation, measure of relative standing, data presentation, use of boxplots, histograms and bar charts.

3. Bivariate analysis: The process of selecting an appropriate statistical test, hypothesis testing, application of T-tests (One sample t-test, Paired T-test and independent test), use of correlations and chi-square tests and interpretation of results from statistical analysis.


2016 Training Dates

statistical data analysis course


Eighteen thousand Kenya Shillings (KSh 18,000)
(Covers tuition fees, lunch (fulltime option), tea and snacks, water, training materials and certification)


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