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Welcome to the AMREF Bookshop

One of the human resource development goals of AMREF is to train health workers in Africa where they are most needed. There is an increasing need for affordable, simple and relevant health learning and training materials. For over 25 years AMREF has shown a commitment to training and information sharing. This commitment is manifest in the continued development and production of health learning materials (HLMs).The material target front-line mid-level health workers: nurses, clinical officers, medical assistants, public health officers and laboratory technicians.

AMREF is the only publisher in sub-Saharan Africa to offer a broad range of low-cost Health Learning Materials.

AMREF's HLMs are organized into three categories:


  1. AMREF HLM Kit which is a set of five titles offered as an essential basic learning tool at a special price of Kshs 18,000/=(US$ 260) per kit, excluding shipping costs and bank charges
  2. AMREF Primary Health Care Books
  3. Short Course Curricula