Helping Mothers to Breastfeed - Revised edition

Helping Mothers to Breastfeed - Revised editionISBN: 9966-874-04-6
R Savage King

This book summarises information about breastfeeding and gives practical guidance on how to prevent problems and help mothers who have problems. The part that breastfeeding can play to enable a woman to control her own fertility has become clearer. But many women and many health workers are confused about whether breastfeeding does or does not protect mothers against a new pregnancy, and about how reliable such protection can be. This revised edition provides accurate information on this subject so that women can choose how to space their children and can use this chosen method effectively. This book will also assist in improving the training of health workers in the art of helping mothers to breastfeed.

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Intervention in Child Nutrition

Intervention in Child NutritionJan Hoorweg, Rudo Niemeijer

Three major tasks of intervention in child nutrition are examined: nutrition education, food supplementation and nutrition rehabilitation. Detailed evaluations and surveys were carried out on programmes in central Kenya that were operating under different ecological conditions. This book is of interest to those concerned with the social aspects of nutrition programmes in tropical countries, and with impact evaluation of development projects.

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Occupational Health

Occupational HealthH de Glanville, R S F Schilling and C H Wood

Caring for the health of working people is one of the most direct contributions that health services can make to the economic development of a community. This book presents all the extra information that an occupational health worker needs when responsible for the health of people in their place of work.

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The Hand: Infections and Soft Tissue Injuries

The Hand Infections and Soft Tissue InjuriesH de Glanville

This booklet outlines the general principles of hand care together with the specific management of common infections, injuries and burns. Many clear instructions make this subject understandable to all rural health workers.

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Environmental Health for East Africa

Environmental Health for East AfricaISBN: 9966-874-54-2
G.K. Rukunga

This book has been written for practicing environmental health officers, technicians and senior environmental health students. It will also benefit other health workers who may have had background training in public health and related fields. The authors have carefully presented the latest and most relevant environmental health issues with essential information on the basics of environmental health and its application in the professional setting.

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A Guide to Health Promotion through Water and Sanitation

A Guide to Health Promotion through Water and SanitationISBN: 9966-874-53-4
D Nyamwaya with K K Munguti, P Akuma

This guide is mainly for project staff working with rural and peri-urban communities to improve their health by means of better water use and sanitation. Primary school teachers, adult literacy teachers, CHWs, community leaders and producers of health education materials will find this a useful reference.

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Communicable Diseases (Fourth Edition)

Communicable Diseases (Fourth Edition)ISBN: 978-9966-874-88-7
Erick Nordberg

This manual covers the full range of communicable diseases in the African region: skin infections, malaria and other vector-borne diseases, infections transmitted via contaminated food and water, tuberculosis and leprosy, diseases transmitted through animals, haemorrhagic fevers and severe acute respiratory illnesses. In this new edition HIV/AIDS has been covered as a chapter on its own. The authors have also included a new chapter titled Emerging and Re-emerging infections in which diseases such as Rift valley fever, Avian flu and Ebola have been discussed. The target for this book include students in medical training colleges, community health workers, nurses, clinical officers, public health officers, teachers of health workers and indeed all who are interested in and who want to learn about communicable diseases in Africa.

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