Monitoring and Evaluation (2 Weeks)

Course Calendar
19.Mar.2018 - 30.Mar.2018


Monitoring and Evaluation The course gives participants a clear understanding of the process of initiating sustainable intervention projects planning, management and implementation Project Managers, Project Officers, Project Assistants, Quality Assurance Officers, Administrators, Human Resources and Finance officers

Kes 70,000
USD 700

2 Weeks

Mar 19-30
Apr 09-20

June 11-22
Sep 10-21
Dec 10-21


Why Monitoring and Evaluation?

Monitoring and evaluation activities have a purpose. When monitoring and evaluation is done and used correctly, they strengthen the basis for managing for results, foster learning and knowledge generation in the organization as well as the broader development and evaluation of community, and support the public accountability.

Knowledge gained from monitoring and evaluation is at the core of any organizational learning process. Monitoring and evaluation provide information and facts that, when accepted and internalized, become knowledge that promotes learning. Monitoring and evaluation processes are aimed at improving the overall performance and quality of results of ongoing and future projects, programmes and strategies.

The key role of knowledge generated from monitoring and evaluation is making the set objectives work. For any organization to be effective, monitoring must be incorporated into the core function of a programme unit through an effective learning and information sharing system.

A systematic use of monitoring and evaluation not only enhances an organization’s credibility, but also promotes a culture of results-orientation and transparency within the organization and amongst its partners.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course the participants should be able to:

  • Apply concepts, principles, processes and framework for monitoring and evaluation systems in development programmes
  • Use result-based tools for programme planning
  • Design and develop M & E systems
  • Design and conduct an evaluation
  • Formulate result- and change-oriented indicators for monitoring and evaluation
  • Use M&E tools for qualitative and quantitative data analysis

Investment: Kshs70,000/USD700

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Venue: Amref International University, Nairobi, Kenya