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Communicable Diseases (Fourth Edition)

Communicable Diseases (Fourth Edition)ISBN: 978-9966-874-88-7
Erick Nordberg

This manual covers the full range of communicable diseases in the African region: skin infections, malaria and other vector-borne diseases, infections transmitted via contaminated food and water, tuberculosis and leprosy, diseases transmitted through animals, haemorrhagic fevers and severe acute respiratory illnesses. In this new edition HIV/AIDS has been covered as a chapter on its own. The authors have also included a new chapter titled Emerging and Re-emerging infections in which diseases such as Rift valley fever, Avian flu and Ebola have been discussed. The target for this book include students in medical training colleges, community health workers, nurses, clinical officers, public health officers, teachers of health workers and indeed all who are interested in and who want to learn about communicable diseases in Africa.

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